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The Smith's
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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Maddy Crawls

Before I share the story of the crawling....I have to say one funny thing about Maddy. I may be setting myself up for trouble down the road but this child LOVES medicine. If Thomas takes Tylenol for his teeth or teething drops, I have to "pretend" give Maddy some. Hence, the first time she attempted to fully crawl today was after....well, you see....the Tylenol! She cracks me up!!! I can't believe she did wasn't smooth and wasn't without many stops and breaks....but she made it and won her prize just before I put it high up on the counter!!!! Thomas also watched from afar...doing what he loves to do....JUMP!


Nana said...

The time has come to put everything up, up, up! Miss Maddy will be after anything she can's time to get a play yard/gate and keep her contained!
Thomas will have his turn soon enough...

Nana said...

......just look at that concentration...too funny!

Kim said...

She is something else! :o) Looks like Thomas and Lucas have something in common... bouncing!

3greens said...

Very Good Mrs. Maddie!!!! Your mom better takes some extra vitamins to keep up with you!