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The Smith's
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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sick Baby

Well...the time has finally come that we truly have a sick baby and perhaps one on the way. Thomas was restless ALL through the night...not really allowing for anyone to get a night's sleep.....when he awoke this morning I discovered why. His nose was stuffy, his eyes red and watery, and he was having such a hard time breathing through is broke my heart. Sneezes were constant and fussing and not wanting to eat were obvious! He did have a low grade fever on and off...but nothing concerning. For once....I truly felt that if I could take it for him I totally would!!! It broke my heart to see him so miserable. He went to bed tonight still struggling, and I am sure it will be a restless night he has not eaten enough to sustain him. Maddy was also showing signs of coming down with this cold as her eyes were so red and she too was sneezing and restless as the night progressed. We shall see. On a cuter are some pics of the angels from yesterday and today. Maddy loves to pull up to Thomas' chair and visit....too cute! Today...Thomas was moving and scooting more than ever....and Maddy....well, she is just all over the place. We are really watching out for Tucker and he is most definitely watching out for them! We just pray he will grow and change with their changes and never become is such a worrisome thing for us! Notice Thomas' eyes in the crawling pics....bless him!

P.S. Excuse the mess you see in the background....we live in the floor at our house....but lately with the packing and all it is even more disorganized......and to think ...I had such ideas that they would stay on the naive I am!

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Nana said...

Poor things! Thomas is really having a hard time, isn't he? Teething is terrible....can't you imagine something piercing through your gums! God Bless them!
kiss,kiss sweet angels