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The Smith's
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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Angel Mover

Rightly titled by our friend Chris J......the angel mover is now ours!!! Thanks to my wonderful husband who has finally gotten the message that this 4 month pregnant mommy can't hardly get the carseats in and out of the Element and needs the dream vehicle she has always wanted......My Minivan!!! YAAA! And not just any minivan....a HONDA! I am a longtime lover of Honda....and have dreamed of this day since I was a little girl wanting a family. To Shannon's defense though....I would have gotten it sooner if I weren't so money conscious and studious and stubborn. He just got tired of me saying over and over how much I wanted off we went yesterday! I told Shannon, I can't think of another material object that I really could want right now....I have what I NEED! (That isn't to say other wants won't come up) but I have what I need! Thank you honey!!! It is white, with leather, heated seats, tons of cup holders, seats 8, plenty of storage, sunroof, DVD, etc. The only thing that has me baffled is the DVD player faces the front and the angels are rear-facing still. Does anyone have an answer to that? We have the mirrors for them so I guess they could watch it from behind.....hmmm ...interesting. We shall see as we hope to head to the beach soon!!! Again, thank you Shannon for this awesome ride!!! We ALL appreciate it! Here is a camera phone pic of the angel mover in the parking lot behind BWW in Auburn....we met our buddy Chris there for that time though, the angels had had enough for one day! Bless them....we do push them sometimes!


Nana said...

Great things come to those who wait...I look forward to my first ride with the angels in their new transportation! kiss,kiss angels

Kim said...

Good for you! Very pretty!

Tiff said...

Jenny had a van like this and LOVED it... YAY for you and the angel mover!!!!!! :-)