The Smith's

The Smith's
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Saturday, July 17, 2010

I feel sooo behind....therefore, I thought I'd share some pics (both camera and camera phone) with you to show you how we are ever changing and growing!

Morgan....loving on Maddy's purse......and the accessories :)
Thomas' new toddler bed....
Maddy's new toddler bed.....and all her bears :)
Morgan eating bananas.....she loves finger foods!
Morgan....looking so grown!!!!
Thomas and I on our mother/son the reptile show at the local library....Thomas touched the alligator!!!! Fearless!
Maddy pushing Thomas in the baby doll stroller that is!
Morgan.....loving life and food!
Thomas.....loves his daddy's fresh corn from the garden!
Bath time.....and my helper!

Ribs....daddy style! Nana hardly got a bite....Maddy took them over!
Maddy knows how to make supper look good! She tearing up her daddy's corn!!!!
Our first ponytail......
And...there you have it! It has been one crazy ride and the ride has just begun! :)


Nana said...

Maddy and her drama...reminds me of a little girl not so long ago....
Lovin the corn chompers!!!!

Tiff said...

Great post! You know I love catching up on those precious angels! Ask Shannon if he can ship his corn to NC :) we love it too!!! LG loves being pushed in the doll stroller too :) too funny! LOVE YALL!