The Smith's

The Smith's
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Saturday, October 30, 2010


We were so blessed to get to spend this past week in Gatlinburg! What fun!!!! We rented a cabin with our Nonnie and Aunt Stacey. We got to see Nana and Poppy while we were there also! We enjoyed lots of pancakes, beautiful scenery, and laughs!!!! We rode on a 4 hour train ride through the smokies and had a ball! It might not have been the most relaxing vacation but it was definitely filled with the best memories!!!!
Walking the streets of Gatlinburg.....Morgan and I trailing behind!
It is so much fun to watch people's faces when we pass...they always look back for a double take!
Nonnie with her "grand-angels" after a morning hike!
Snack time along the hike....
A pit stop after crossing the mountain into Gatlinburg......if you look back to the beginning of our blog you will see this same bridge with me leaning on it....preggo with these , time flies!!!!


Nana said...

Wishing we were still there......

Tiffany, Lee and Kateley said...

The Mts are soo much fun with Angels in tow. We took Kateley back in October and she loved it. Can't wait to take her back!!
Glad your babies loved it too.