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The Smith's
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Celebrating Morgan......

It's my party and I'll eat if I want to.......and eat and eat and eat! She sure enjoyed herself!!! She eats sooo much better than Thomas and Maddy ever did....and better than they do now to be honest!!! She ate half a hamburger, some hotdog, chips, cake, yogurt, milk, and so on!!! God Bless this angel!!!! Looking back...this is from May of 2010...playing peekaboo!!!! That is still her favorite game!
My wee angel turns 1 on Wednesday....can you even believe a year has already passed....where does the time go? I can't imagine my life without this little ray of sunshine in it!!!! I thought my arms and heart were full when God blessed me with Thomas and Morgan......I had no idea just how much more love I could feel when God sent this little angel into my life!!!! Happy Birthday Morgan!!!! Here is the pink princess enjoying her pink cupcake......we did the party strawberry style...Strawberry Shortcake that is :) Morgan got the best gifts ever from the friends and family that came to she is eyeing her new stuffed doggy from Mr. Tom and Ms. is as big as she is!!!!
We had a special angel join our party....Mr Kimbrell from church came to celebrate with us......he is our extra-special adopted Great-Granddaddy......thank you Mr. Kimbrell for our wonderful devotionals.....what a blessing you are to us all!!!!
Here are the angels eating with their coolest buddy....Piper!!!!
Thank you to all for making this birthday even more special...but we aren't through partying yet....we will be celebrating all week long!!!! Happy First Birthday Morgan!!! Special thanks to Nana and Poppy for driving up when Nana wasn't feeling her best....and thank you to Nonnie and Aunt Cindy for the sweet gifts and extra love...and thank you also to Mrs. Sandra and Mr. David and a very BIG thank you to Mrs. Amanda and Mr. Micheal and Piper for delivering the coolest Strawberry Shortcake Cake ever!!!!!
Playing Catchup
I thought I would add in some pics from Halloween that I am just now getting around too.....thank you Nana and Mamaw for making our overalls and tutu's!!!!

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Nana said...

Such "BOO..tiful" angels!!!!