The Smith's

The Smith's
The Smith's +Two + One = A Whole Lot of LOVE and FUN!!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nana's Angels

The Gang......

Thomas(2), Emma(10), Ella(3), Morgan(1), Maddy(2)

How many folks does it take to get 5 angels to look and smile for the camera.....I don't know because Nana and I were obviously not successful....but boy are they cute!

Running in the yard....Nana and Poppy have the best yard for running! I see future tag football games!!!!

Waiting on Poppy to come and take us all for a ride!!!!!

You can't get this many girls together and not paint toes!!!!! Fun times with Nana!!!!

Ella, Maddy, Emma, Morgan.....yep, even Morgan got her piggies painted!!!!

1 comment:

Nana said...

I love all my was Edee. It was a wonderful day full of FUN! FUN! FUN!!!!
NO! we DID NOT paint Thomas's toenails! :)))