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The Smith's
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Monday, September 26, 2011

Yikes....September is almost GONE!!!!

My oh my.....where has the time gone?!?!?!?! I can't believe September is almost over!!!! That means my angels will be 3 years old very soon......and I am just NOT ready!!!! October 6th is just around the corner and Thomas and Maddy will be 3! Before you know it....November 24th will be here and my baby (Morgan) will be 2! I just don't know if I can take it all!!!! In the midst of everything my "baby brother" Jeremy and awesome "future" sister, Lauren will be getting married in November! you understand why blogging has been sooooo behind for us! On top of all that we have had school, church programs, and lots of things that have called for extra prayer and praise! Overall it has been an awesome month....a busy month....but great nonetheless!!!!
Here is a few snapshots for the month of September!!!!

Thomas helping daddy in the barn..... 
Tracing our letters..... 

 Outside time.....we are loving the cooler temperatures! 

War Eagle!!!! 
 It is exhausting at times being a Tiger!
 But boy oh boy do we love it!!!! 
Our new swing set that we got for our birthday!!!! It is still a work in progress!!!!

 Wedding showers for Jeremy and Lauren....we have had 3 this month!!!! What fun!
Nana and her girls!!!!
Cabin time.....Thomas taking a break with Poppy!
And even a little fishing......
What a great month....a busy month but great month!!! Here is to October......cooler weather, pumpkins, falling leaves, candy corn and BIRTHDAY PARTIES!!!!!


Nana said...

No wonder I am soooooo tired!!!!

Nana said...

Fun times for everyone!!!