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The Smith's
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Friday, September 17, 2010

West Point Dam with Nonnie!

The geese, ducks, birds nearly attacked us as we got out of the car! They just didn't know Thomas was about to let loose!!! :)
Thomas and Maddy helping Nonnie to feed the birds....that is what bread Thomas didn't eat!

Thomas helping me push out Morgan!!!!
Nonnie laughing at Thomas shoving bread in his mouth. He would look at her and say quack quack and when she gave him bread for the ducks he would laugh and stuff it in his mouth! SILLY BOY!!!!
Here is Thomas chasing the ducks trying to make them fly.......
The Dam.....Thomas and Maddy were in Awe....Morgan just wanted out of the sun!
Morgan enjoying the shade and scenery!
What a beautiful morning with our Nonnie!!!!

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Nana said...

Great pictures! That Thomas, you never know what he is going to do...I am glad he didn't fall in the water! kisses angels!