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The Smith's
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Friday, September 24, 2010

Wow.....time sure goes quickly.....and I have hardly any pictures (good pictures) to prove it phone pics are all I have.
Sleep is the word around here....or lack of I should say! With the toddler bed transition over the past few months we are also slowly trying to find some normalcy again with sleep! Thomas wakes anywhere from 3am to 5am and is ready to go! Not only does this effect Thomas but also the rest of the crew.....nerves are short around here due to lack of sleep :) tend to find Thomas crashing just about anywhere while the rest of us have to go on with our day .........
Even poor Morgan has to get it where she can........

Last weekend we got to take a day trip to the cabin to see our daddy who was down there fishing with a friend. It was a fun day...a long day...but a fun day. We took our coolest companion, Piper with us.....she brought her dolls. Here is a picture Piper's mama got while I was in the store.....this can be used as blackmail one day I do believe !
Piper and Maddy showing off their fishing worms.....
On another note, Morgan is all over the place....changing and growing by the hour it seems. She is such a doll....the happiest baby long as those teeth leave her alone. She loves to eat and try new is so much fun watching her discover the world around!
I love catching these types of is Thomas and Morgan playing through the door.....she wants to be wherever they are!

Fun Times for Sure!!!! Have a blessed weekend!!!!


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Growning angels.. growing, growing! And, yes, that is a blackmail picture for sure with Thomas and the doll! Save that one for the teenage years!! lol