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The Smith's
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas in Valley

We are sooo blessed to have such loving and generous family! This does not even touch on the many gifts the angels received this Christmas....but this highlights a few from our Valley Christmas events. We also received various music toys, books...lots of books, stuffed animals, silly singing animals, a cool guitar from Aunt Stacey and Amy, and fun!!!! Hope you enjoy the pictures!!!!
Thomas and Maddy received a new grill to add to their is Maddy showing off a tasty new burger fresh from the grill :)

Nonnie gave us a wonderful new piano that we all love and enjoy!!! Morgan is already asking for professional lessons ;)

This is one of the super cool gifts that Thomas got for Christmas......boy can it shoot a Nerf dart far!!!!

This was taken just before we left for Great-Grandmama's on Christmas Day......We had a busy and messy day ahead but boy oh boy was it fun!!!!!


Nana said...

Oh, the excitement in their eyes...priceless!

Jess said...

Looks like your Christmas was a blast! Jacob has a Nerf gun too. He has one with "whistler" darts...there terrifying because down a long hall you can hear it before you feel it! Boys!!!