The Smith's

The Smith's
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What have we been up too?????

My little jumping beans......
Daddy's homemade biscuits.....a real treat for the tummy!!!!

This past weekend I attended a Women's Wonder Full World Retreat with our church. There were 70 women ranging in ages from 21 to 85. It as a blast!!!! I had a hard time being away from my angels.....and was sooo glad to get home...but overall it was a great retreat for this mama. I left out Saturday morning at 6:45am and returned Sunday at 3:30pm. What a blessing it was to drive down the driveway with my family excited to see me return!!!! The kids didn't skip a beat though...their daddy took great care of them and they had a blast making biscuits, playing at McDonalds, and riding their cars!!!

Sisters in forward 16 years from now....I will be one exhausted mama trying to keep up.....let's just say I will spend many a day/night on my knees!

And this is how we are spending out January.....anticipating warmer weather for sure!!!!!

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