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The Smith's
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Monday, March 15, 2010


For those of you familiar with my food battle around'd know Maddy is my eater and Thomas is my picky child! He still loves his baby are the pictures from the angels first experience with a chicken leg! Enjoy!!!!
P.S....he never even touched it! One day he'll realize just how yummy daddy's smoked chicken truly is!!!!


Heather Buchanan said...

There ya go Miss Maddy!!!! Thomas will learn!! :)

Nana said...

Baby boy...please eat! Maybe if you lay it on the fireplace he'll try it, he puts wood in his mouth...I am so thankful he like his milk!!!!

Kim said...

Oh wow! Lucas says Thomas can send him his leftovers! lol

Tiff said...

I will eat his helping :) YUMMY!