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The Smith's
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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Playtime Paradise!

So...after much consideration, online searching, and review reading, I finally bit the bullet and ordered our new playset! With the fenced in yard and upcoming spring weather we had to have something for our backyard! Thank you Shannon for reminding me the angels will only be this young once and we should do what we can to live it up to the fullest!!!
Here is a pic of our awesome daddy! Not only did he put together our new Step 2 Clubhouse Climber....but he also built us a new sandbox!!! Oh what fun! Thank you daddy!!! You are the BEST!!!!
Thomas and Maddy exploring their new playset!
I am seeing lots of sand coming into my house! Oh what fun we've had....
I just had to post this one! My sweet Maddy girl....who is afraid of anything "dirty" or that "sticks to you" has sand on her bottom.....priceless! I think we just might make it down to the beach this summer!


Anna said...

yeah! what a fun play set! we are looking into get the swing set next. way fun!

Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

Oh such fun. I remember when mine were this small~cherish the moments!

Nana said...

I guess we have "yard angels" or "sand angels" now. They look like they are having fun!!!!!

Tiff said...

How AWESOME! What fun! Wish we were there to play with you! We need ALL of this bad at our house too... but we're working on grass first... b/c as it stands we already have "a sand box" haha!

Kim said...

Have fun Thomas and Maddy!