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The Smith's
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Friday, March 5, 2010

Rise and Shine....

So...I've been in Thomas and Maddy's room while they've been asleep and have seen many interesting ways in which they snooze...however, this has to be the funniest! Maddy loves to sleep with both legs hanging outside of the crib...and this morning - I just happened to catch her awake that way! Enjoy the pics....notice the Life is Good across her rear! Also...poor Thomas has his fist in his mouth due to teething...bless him! Even he was tickled at his silly sister!
Is this not angelic!?!?!?! What a precious angel she is!!!
Look who is playing in the exersaucer!!!! What a big girl!!!! I do believe she has better head control than Thomas and Maddy at this age! She has the strongest neck...and has since she was born! Goooo Morgan!!!

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