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The Smith's
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Monday, December 8, 2008

Here you go Nana!

As a request from Nana....I took a picture of Thomas and Madelynn in their Chez Ami PJs. Sorry....but the only shot I could get was from behind. What you can't tell is that Maddy is screaming......hence her clenching the blanket. It is time to bring the day to a close and she fights it more than anyone I've ever met (she is just like her mama). If it were up to her there would be no naps, no bedtime, no rest! She does not want to miss a thing!!! On the other hand there is Thomas (just like his daddy). He can rest, nap, sleep anywhere....anytime! It is funny to look back and remember that I thought Maddy would be like her daddy and Thomas like me. Both have characteristics of both Shannon and I, but I would have to say Maddy is most like me and Thomas most like his daddy! I am just so thankful that they are ours! What a blessing we have this Christmas! Everywhere we go, we get attention and most people say...what a blessing....two babies for Christmas! I totally agree!


Nana said...


The Robertsons said...

I agree - we are so blessed. :) Isn't it so much fun!!?? I love being a mom (and Bill a dad). I also understand the not wanting to go to bed... Henry has gotten better, but I think I've told you before - it was terrible as an infant. It gets better!!! Merry Christmas!

Heather said...

I also can't believe that Thomas and Maddy are almosr a whole pound bigger than Kaydence and Kinsley. I guess that's because Kay and Kin were born so early. They'll catch up to Thomas and Maddy soon.
I see that Thomas is smiling in every picture!! That is exactly how Kay is, unlike Kin who never wants to smile. We have to make funny faces at her just so she'll smile. They are all getting cuter and more adorable every day!! :) Have a great week!!