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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Nana's House

I just wanted to share a couple of pics from Nana's (my mom) house. We got in really late last night. The babes are still sleeping so I snapped a few pics. This is only a snippit of the Christmas decor. Mama has always gone overboard at Christmas. There are bows and santas everywhere! It is such a magical time for us all...especially this year with all the little ones. Emma and Ella (The Jones Family Blog) will be here around lunch and then we will celebrate! The list will include: Shannon, myself, Thomas and Madelynn, Jeremy (Brother), Jeb and Lacy, Emma and Ella, Mamaw, and Grandmama. What a house full! Oh...don't forget Nana and Poppy! I will have pictures to share later I am sure! I hope you have a blessed weekend! Let's all turn the air to 55 and put on sweaters and get the cocoa and pretend it feels like Christmas in December!


Kim said...

Tell your mom I, too, am a Christmas decorate-aholic! I collect ornaments and Christmas knick knacks all throughout the year. I had to scale way back on the decorating this year with Lucas though. She did a wonderful job!! It looks beautiful! Have fun today!

Wanda said...

Hi, Kelli and Shannon ~ We plan to drop by Neal's house at 5:00 on Christmas Eve to see the great changes he's made to Mother's "old" house. I hope you and Shannon and the babies will be there! I've been dying to see those sweet smiles in person -- that's all I want for Christmas this year!
Then we'll rush back here for our noisy Christmas Eve party at 6:00!
I envy you the years ahead with babies -- they make Christmas so much fun!

Great-great-aunt Wanda