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The Smith's
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Saturday, December 6, 2008


Shannon called me into the living room this morning to show me that Maddy had rolled over. It was the funniest thing. She had completely rolled over on Thomas.....I guess she is showing that she is on top! We spent the day running around....I was in desperate need of some jeans! Thank goodness Shannon was willing to run with me. We went to Old Navy where we fed and changed the babies right at the front window. They don't make stores baby friendly like they should...especially not twin baby friendly. We are now watching the Alabama/Florida game and grilling. The excitement has pooped out the babies. I went ahead and bathed them and put them in their pjs....hope you enjoy the pics!

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Heather said...

those are the cutest christmas pajamas!! where did you find them? we haven't found any that actually fit kaydence and kinsley. i can't believe thomas and maddy are already 2 months old. they are all growing so fast!!