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Thursday, April 23, 2009

6 Month Appt.

We are over 6 1/2 months...but due to our hectic schedule and the schedule of our doctor...we just got to our 6 month shots today. What an appointment it was. I am so proud of my little angels. Thomas is weighing 15lbs and 9 ounces and is 25 inches long. This is in the 25th percentile when compared to boys his age. Madelynn is weighing in at 15 lbs and 6 ounces and is 24 and 3/4 inches long. This is in the 50th percentile when compared to girls at this age. I know...funny...he is bigger but her percentile is higher. Dr. Jester said everything looks great and they are right on target. They also were great troopers with the 3 shots they both got in the thigh. OUCH!
We did schedule a few appointments for Thomas though. He is not eating as he should at this point (not totally out of the normal though) but just to be sure Dr. Jester wants him to consult with a speech therapist on his swallowing, etc. We see one therapist on the 21st for a Modified Barium Swallow Test and another therapist on the 29th for some other test. The stinky part is he can't eat 3 hours prior to the test....and we are used to a bottle every 2 hours during the day. How do you explain to a 6 month old you are not feeding him for his own good? We also have an appt on the 19th with an eye doctor just to check Thomas' eye. Shannon has a history of eye problems that runs in the males on his side of the family....Dr. Jester doesn't see anything but just wants to be sure. We agree!!!
All in all it was a great appt. We got our orders which I am following. We will continue on baby foods and pureed foods I make but no table foods or finger foods yet. I am so proud of my pumpkins and look forward to getting good results from Thomas' appointments coming up.

Good is sooooo good!


Kristi said...

I can't believe your 6 and a half month olds weigh more than my 10 and half month olds. We have done the barium swallow study and it isn't bad, it's actually neat to see. I can't believe you feed them every 2 hours during the day, do you not feel like you aren't getting anything done except feeding babies. They are getting big!

Heather said...

I am so glad that their appointment went so well!! I'm glad to see great reports!! I will be praying for Thomas with his up coming appts. Kaydence loved the eye doctor. They weigh as much as Kaydence and Kinsley and Thomas and Maddy are a month younger than them, but them being 4lbs they're trying to catch up. I hope I can visit soon!! Have a wonderful weekend Smith family!!

Kristi said...

We are only taking 4 ounces too. I can't seem to get my girls to eat or drink too much. Lexyn does like babyfood, but not as much as she should be eating. Brittyn could really care less. She is a fight to make her eat. I really need to get my girls bigger. I think your 6 month olds are more in the normal weight range than mine. We are in the 5%. You are doing good. I love motherhood too. I think it is even better being a mommy to twins. It does wear you out, but they are so neat to watch interact. You may not be to that stage yet, because we really just got there about a month ago, but they will make each other laugh and talk (coo) back and forth.

Nana said...

I agree with Dr. Jester...we have two babies in "picture perfect" health! Thank you Lord!

No wonder my back hurt all weekend......hehehe
kiss,kiss angels!

Kim said...

Bless their little hearts... I hope they are having an easier experience with the shots this time. Keep us updated on the upcoming appointments.