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The Smith's
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Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Happy Wednesday everyone. I wanted to post a little update on the angels. We are getting ready for a wonderful weekend with friends and family as we celebrate the Holy Easter Weekend. Thomas is sleeping better, but at the discomfort of Maddy I am afraid. Shannon and I continue to put the angels down to sleep as normal, but then around 10pm Thomas awakes and we put him in his own crib.....separate from Maddy. She does not like this and is restless the rest of the night but at least there are no more major night awakenings....just the occasional passy retrieval. I hope we can continue to figure this one out....
Thomas still will not eat anything solid or from a spoon.....Maddy has started pushing things out more too. She just doesn't seem as hungry as she was. I will be ready for our 6 months appointment to discuss all this. In the meantime we just do what we can and each day offers new opportunities. They continue to amaze and tickle me each day. Thomas is becoming SOOO active and even is really funny. Maddy has lessened her squealing and is a lot more focused and relaxed. Both babies are sitting with and without support, reaching for things, standing with support, babbling, rolling over, etc. They love books and love to be read to and really LOVE Blue's Clues.
Well, I do hope this finds you all well and wish you all a wonderful Easter Weekend full of peace and thanksgiving.


Nana said...

I love the pic with you holding the twins! Nana's angels...(all three of you )!!!

Kim said...

Thanks for the update. We, too, are getting ready for a busy Easter weekend! Try not to worry too much about the solid feeding, I've read that the solids should still just be supplemental at this point and formula is providing the necessary nutrients they need. As for the sleeping thing, all I can say is.. I feel your pain. We can go from sleeping through the night one night to getting up 4 times the next (like last night). It is frustrating at times, but like the song says, "it won't be like this for long."