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The Smith's
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Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Update

Thomas Maddy

Here are some of the pictures that I've taken over the last few days. Thomas is sitting up....he is a little top heavy but he is trying and seems quite proud of himself. Maddy on the other hand sits straight as a board and is very proud as well. She gives this funny grin when you call her name and then turns her head as if she is girl thing. As for the eating, Maddy continues to eat anything and everything but Thomas still struggles. We try with the spoon each day both morning and evening and some days are better than others. However, he is still getting most cereal from the bottle.
We hope so much to have better weather this weekend as we missed our swings last weekend when we were home in Valley. This rain has been a yucky mess!!! We have gotten more than our share of Blue's Clues as a friend suggested I look at On Demand and sure enough....BLUE'S CLUES!!! They LOVE it! Hope you enjoy the pictures. You will see also that Thomas' hair is growing. He has Shannon's same hair line.....too cute!!!


Heather said...

That bottom right picture of Thomas looks like he is trying to talk or singing!! How sweet!! ON Demand has free shows too.. that's what Kay & Kin watch. Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!!

Daddy said...

Hey, this is Billy Red. Allisson set me up as Daddy so I will show up as Daddy. Just over look. You have a great blog, and a great Family. Keep up the good work. I love the pictures.

Nana said...

I want to jump into the monitor to grab and kiss them both. I am so proud of Thomas reaching this milestone. I guess crawling will be next...I'm sure Miss Maddy will go first as she loves to show off!
kiss, kiss Nana's babies!

Renee said...

They are just beautiful! Have a great weekend.

Nana said...

I love the photo of Maddy watching tv and Thomas resting on her shoulder to watch too...they amaze me...kiss,kiss my angels!