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The Smith's
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Monday, April 13, 2009

The Morning After.....

When all the guests are gone and the rain is falling outside and we've had a full nights sleep....we finally enjoy our wonderful toys and goodies brought to us yesterday by Nana and Poppy. The day was a beautiful day but was not free of meltdowns. Thomas and Maddy woke from their nap to find their home full of people.....people oohing and aahing and wanting time with them. Needless to say it did not go over well at first. However, once they got more comfortable with their surroundings, their bellies full, and got to go outside....they were their normal perky self....well, at least until they were totally exhausted and ready for bed...but that is another story. Nonnie (Jackie) and Cindy and Donna did a great job of hanging eggs and getting the house ready for Easter fun. They had our Ginkgo tree looking egg-tastic! Nana came with gifts and friends came bringing lots of fun. We had lots of great chicken (thank you Shannon) and other yummies......what a day. Congrats to Maegan for finding the golden egg and then sharing it with Emma. We enjoyed our company....the Greens, Whortons, Sandra, Aunt Stacey, Uncle Jeb and the girls and so on. What a day!!
Well, here are the pics from early this morning of us finally enjoying our toys......Happy Easter Everyone!!! We truly know how blessed we are......and praise God for them all!


Nana said...

..I'm so glad they recovered!..
We were all a bit too much for them, they are, after all, just 6 mos. old. They are use to a calm and quite house and yesterday was just not that!
It was a blessed day! Thank you for having us...

Kim said...

Looks like they are having so much fun with all their new goodies!