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The Smith's
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Monday, February 2, 2009

Exersaucer I thought we would be able to just get by with one of these things....well, truth be told we need 3 more. 2 for here and 2 for back home in Valley. Shannon and I have decided to try and spend as many weekends in Valley as we can so that we can maintain the house. There is no way this thing will travel....but the babies love it!!! We may just have to open the wallet as they love the exersaucer....their excitement is just priceless!

Thomas' feet don't quite touch as well as Maddy's yet, but he is well on his way. He is getting a lot more head control! I am so proud of my two angels...but they are growing WAY toooooo fast!

P.S. Read Nana's comment....I am in total agreement. If you have an exersaucer and need to get it out of your way....give us a call or email.


Nana said...

To all fellow you have an exersaucer sitting in your way, not being used, and perhaps you need a little cash????? We have the need and two of the cutest babies that could use the entertainment. Leave us a comment if so...

Nana said...

Way to go "Big Boy"!!!! Nana is sooooo proud! Love that smile, Miss Maddy!

Heather said...

I sent you an email for what we have..

Tiffany, Lee and Kateley said...

No, its not just family. You guys will def get an invite!!!!