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The Smith's
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Today is our 4 month well baby checkup and immunizations appointment. I can hardly wait to hear the weights on Thomas and Maddy. Knocking on wood....I am amazed that we have not had any illness that required us to see the doctor before now. We did have a small cold or sinus but no fever or infection. God is good.....and Thomas and Maddy are blessings to us! I want to again say thank you to our friends that sent toys and offered support to us. We are excited that we will be spending more weekends in Valley and near our friends and family. We are blessed with wonderful friends both here and there. We are working to get our travels down to 1 car. It is difficult with the stroller and Tucker but we hope to just travel in the truck this week. There is a minivan with my name on it I am sure....the timing just has to be right. Thomas and Maddy travel so well....but it will be nice to all be in one car instead of me and the babies behind Shannon from here to Valley......that just gets old and a bit dangerous at times. Well...I hope you all have a great day!!! more thing. Shannon swears Thomas said Mama yesterday morning as he was waking up.....I am sure it was a fluke of sound but it made my day nonetheless!

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Heather said...

I hope Maddy and Thomas do well with their shots. My heart goes out to them.. and to you guys for after the shots. Kay&Kin were so fussy the next day. Hope you see you all very soon!!