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Saturday, February 21, 2009


So....we are still having a wonderful experience in terms of sleeping. Thomas and Maddy generally go to bed around 7:30 or 8pm and sleep until 7am. It is nice and I truly know how lucky we are...however, it does not come uninterrupted. Thomas wakes several times throughout the night....I don't have to pick him up...just comfort him and give him his passy. I am not getting much sleep but am managing. It is so hard as Thomas would rather sleep on his belly. He seems to jump if on his back and that ends up waking him. Maddy on the other hand sleeps just fine...I think she goes SO hard during the day that she just crashes. Often, she is still snoozing when Thomas tells everyone it is time to get up. I am struggling with guilt for putting him on his tummy when nothing else I know this is not the healthiest thing to do. I have received several comments from friends on their own experiences and I truly do appreciate it. We do have the positioners but my kids seem to jump them and not stay on them.....time will tell. For is a cartoon that I can sometimes relate to!


Kim said...

You are his mama and sometimes you just do what you have to... I have put Lucas down for a few naps on his tummy.

Kristi said...

My girls like sleeping on their belly. I let them at first because we had the heart monitors, but then I decided that I didn't want them to do that after we lost the monitors so I began putting them on their side between the wedges. They then started turning on their back which made me nervous because they aspirated a lot in their sleep. After a while I prayed that God would protect them and stopped worrying about it so much. Of course they were still on the monitors so it was a little easier to not worry. Now we no longer have the monitors and the girls are hopping the wedges and sleeping on their tummy. I have learned to become ok with it, but I did put their mattress on a wedge so it isn't flat. You might try that.