The Smith's

The Smith's
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


We are a bit fussy after our is killing mommy's heart....Thomas is a lot more fussy than Maddy. He will just cry for no reason....just all of a sudden. I changed them out of their clothes and into pj's hopeing the softer material would help. Maddy is just starting to fuss....but poor Thomas is really having a hard time. I have pumped them full of Tylenol....if only it would help more. This breaks my heart! Their little thighs are just so tender......poor babies....


Heather said...

Awe :( :(.. they just have that "not feeling good" look. I hope they do get to feeling better soon!!

Nana said...

...poor babies!...I'm so sorry for you all! For sure, tomorrow will be much better! kiss,kiss