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The Smith's
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Sunday, January 25, 2009


What a wonderful day today was!!! I feel so blessed as a mother and wife. I can truly say this has been one of my proudest moments. From marrying Shannon, to the birth of Thomas and Maddy and then now the baptism of these two angels....I feel so very blessed. We have such wonderful friends and family that joined us in the celebration. Thank you to both our families for traveling the distance along with Mr. Tom and Ms. Alice. Thanks also goes out to the Massey's and the Carranza's (Both attached to our blog) for coming and showing such support. God is good and today could not have been more perfect. Both Thomas and Madelynn did so well with the sprinkling and debut to the congregation! I am one proud Mama!!!


Heather said...

It looks like it was a perfect day!! You looked so proud!! I remembered yall this morning during our church service. I remember how it was like when Kaydence and Kinsley got baptized. I'm so excited to see what God has instore for all Kaydence, Kinsley, Thomas, and Maddy!!

3greens said...

Sounds like everything was perfect. We were thinking of all of you yesterday, hating we missed it! Hopefully, we will see ya'll soon. God is good and I am sure he has great plans for Maddy and Thomas!!!

Mary Carolyn Thigpen said...

Wesley Church was truly blessed this past Sunday. We are honored to be part of the story God writes in Thomas and Maddy's lives. They are blessed to have been born to Shannon and Kelli. We look forward to watching them grow in God's love and grace!

Mary Carolyn Thigpen

Nana said...

Such a beautiful day!!! The babies did a wonderful job and we ALL enjoyed showing them off. I know we ( Poppy and I ) were glad to be there for such a special time in their lives. I look forward to seeing God work in them. I'm sure it will be "double" special!