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The Smith's
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Friday, January 30, 2009


Thank Goodness it is Friday!!!! Shannon has been working extra long hours this week and we are ready for a weekend with him!!! We are also excited as we are having some friends over on Sunday for the Super Bowl. I don't really know who all is coming...but the more the merrier. I do hope we can get some rest this weekend though. The last few nights have not been successful in the area of sleep. Wednesday night Thomas actually woke for a bottle...maybe a growth spurt. But other than that.....they are just noisy sleepers. Maddy will sometimes cry out while still asleep and Thomas just mumbles a lot and fusses some. It is funny at times...but when you are lacking sleep it can be tough. Overall, I am most thankful as they sleep at least 10 hours at a time....that means we eat almost every 2 hours during the day. Here are a few more pictures from this morning. They are getting so big. I weighed them with me yesterday and they are around 12-13 lbs. I can't wait for our next appt. to get exact weights. You will notice that Maddy has her hand on Thomas in each picture. This is a big deal for her. She is always touching him if he is next to her. We have to watch her as she will pull his hair....but mostly she just needs to touch him. Have a blessed day and weekend!!!

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Nana said...

Maddy girl???? Don't touch that hair, Thomas is trying to hold on to what he has left! I love your outfits today. Mama always finds something cute to dress you both in... Be sweet you two...Nana loves you. Kiss,Kiss