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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Hello everyone! We are still on the road. Shannon had to travel to Panama City for a series of meetings and workshops so the babies and I tagged along. He will be working most of the day and evening. We first spent the weekend in Eufaula and then headed to PC on Monday. The babies and I are enjoying the down time in the hotel room. It is nice to just take it easy for once. I can't do laundry and I do not really want to clean this room so it is basically mommy-baby time with my two angels. I have a makeshift bottle washing area and one queen bed of babyland. I am really getting excited about this coming weekend. We will be baptising Thomas and Madelynn at our church in Augusta. I am so proud that this day is almost here. We will have friends and family celebrating with us. I will definitely be posting pics of the big event. Please say a prayer for the service and the impact this step will have on our family and especially the future of Thomas and Madelynn. If you are in the area and want to join we'd love to have you! Sunday, Jan. 25th at 11am at Wesley United Methodist in Augusta, Ga.

Blessings to all~


Kim said...

Glad you are enjoying a little down time. Enjoy the change in scenery too... we are taking Lucas to the beach in June... can't wait! I'm happy to hear about the baptisms. That will be such a special day!

Heather said...

They are so cute! I can't believe how big they are getting!! Kaydence and Kinsley went to the doctor yesterday.. along with the 5 shots they both had to get :( Kaydence weighs 11lbs 12oz and Kinsley is 12lbs 2oz. They are both 24inches long. Even though they were born early the Dr said they are on the right track developmentally for 4 month olds! :) So all of it was good news! I will say a special prayer for Thomas and Maddy's bapistism. That is such a wonderful time. I know God will be there with them in every step and every way in their lives!! Have fun in PC!!

TheJessiBug said...

Hi! It's scary but I think I know what hotel you guys are staying in. I had to go to PCB for a meeting in 2005 and it looks identical. I miss the beach. Please eat some good seafood for us!

Jessica P.