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Friday, January 9, 2009

How We Eat

Some of you may have wondered how I bottle feed two babies......well, in order to manage our time and stay on a consistent schedule, I have to feed both babies at once. However, Thomas usually takes a nap midway through and Maddy gulps hers down so we aren't always together on the feedings. This is what I have created to get us through the day. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing like holding them and giving them bottles individually....and that is how we do it when Shannon is here or one finishes before the other, but when they both are hungry and we are sticking to schedule this is how we do it. We prop....burp...prop...burp. I thought you'd get a kick out of it....just don't think me a bad mom. If I ever find a free minute, I would love to create a pillow or gizmo that would do this just right! All the multiple moms out there would appreciate it I am sure!

P.S. Don't hold it against me....yes, Thomas is on the pink boppy. That is why they usually stay covered with a blanket.....there is no time for matching up pink and blue sometimes :-)


Heather said...

That is exactly what we do with Kaydence and Kinsley if someone is alone keeping them and they have to eat!! It makes it so much easier!! They are so cute!! Love the pics!!

Elizabeth said...

They do make something for that. I forgot what it's called, if I find out I will let you know. Suz's used them for her quads.

Nana said...

...don't ever think any different, you are a GREAT mom...I know, I get see you in action!!! You're the BEST!!! Maybe one day you can create that "gizmo" and be famous, or better than that maybe you will write a book, a Best Seller!!! (when they are in college?)

Kristi said...

I do that some but most of the time, I just feed back to back. Since mine were preemies, they had to be sitting up right to eat. But... I have a lady at my church that is a grandmother of 2 year old twin girls. She made me somthing that she also made her daughter. She said they are a mandatory thing for moms of twins! It is a little U shaped pillow type thing that has elastic on the top to hold a bottle in place. You put the U pillow on the babies shoulders and the bottle in their mouth then it stays in place and is propped just right. It is very neat. They should sale something like that in the stores, but I have never seen such.