The Smith's

The Smith's
The Smith's +Two + One = A Whole Lot of LOVE and FUN!!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Growing... babies are growing...they are growing too fast! Maddy is really showing off these days. All she wants to do is stand (my holding her hands) and Thomas just loves to jabber and carry on conversations. They both are getting good at following objects. I can toss a ball in the air and they watch it go up and then back down. They have also noticed Tucker. I will catch them watching him at times....notice the pic. It tears me up to look back at pictures from when they first came home....they have changed and grown so much! Hope you enjoy the pics....notice the new Exersaucer we are using courtesy of Miss Ella.


Heather said...

AWe!! They are getting so big!! One of my mom's employees let her have her Bumbo because her baby couldn't sit in it anymore, Kay&Kin loved it!! We're going to have to get another one. Another thing they like are Jenny Jump Up. You hang it in the door and they can jump or swing. Give Thomas and Maddy hugs for me!! We're going to have Kaydence and Kinsley this weekend so I'll add more pictures!!

Nana said...

Thomas, "what is that big hairy object in the room with you and Maddy"? He better watch out, it won't be longgggggg.....before you catch his tail! Miss Maddy has on her pretty smile today. I can tell you like the exersaucer baby girl. Have fun you two!!!, I know your mama is having the time of her life! Kiss, kiss!
Love you, Nana