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The Smith's
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Friday, January 9, 2009


(Mrs. Megan and Thomas )

Good Morning! We are looking forward to a great weekend in Augusta. It is finally beginning to feel like winter! I can't believe it is January least it now feels like it. Thomas and Maddy have both been sniffly but not sick. I think it is just the changes in temperatures. They haven't run any fever or acted different so we are just watching them closely. They both sound much better today....not near as much congestion. Thomas is still holding his bottle for Shannon (not me) and he even held it yesterday for Mrs. Megan. Thomas loves Mrs. Megan....he can be a big flirt sometimes. Maddy is still trying her best to sit up. She has a very strong neck and back. I am amazed daily at how much they are growing and changing. As of right now, our next appt is Feb. 11th. I can hardly wait to see how much they weigh!


Nana said...

Hey Megan...I am so glad that you can take the time to sit with my angels!!! All of them! I see Thomas smiling at you, he is a flirt! Give him and Maddy a kiss from Nana....

The Carranza Family said...

I love the picture! And I love your time I am going to have some Maddy time!