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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Are we sprouting a tooth?

I have been posting on my facebook status all the changes I have been having with Thomas. Lately...he has not been my usually relaxed child. He is irritable, restless, moody, easily aggravated, can't get settled, isn't sleeping, isn't allowing mommy to sleep, etc. He wants a bottle and then once he has it refuses it. I finally gave in and gave him some Tylenol last night which allowed him to rest a little better. He is still not eating cereal so he has started "requesting" a bottle around 3am. Maddy on the other hand is sleeping like a rock. She loves her cereal and is ready to move forward. We are still trying to get Thomas to eat so we are patient. I have changed from rice to oatmeal, added applesauce, bananas, etc. I don't think it has anything to do with his not liking it but that he still has the thrust reflex and just pushes it out. Again....we are just being patient. I do believe all these changes are due to teething as he is chewing and drooling so much more lately. I made them both homemade teethers ice cube in a baby bath cloth...they loved it! I would appreciate any stories, words of advice, suggestions, etc. Thanks!!!!
P.S. Please don't hold it against me.....I did give my son the pink washcloth.....I was a bit distracted!


Tiffany, Lee and Kateley said...

Good luck with the teething! Kateley did not get her 1st tooth until she was 1 and that poor baby was sick with everytooth, so Good Luck. The one thing Kateley really liked was the mesh teethers. I would fill then with fruit and put in the freezer, she would go to town chewing on them. The only bad thing was the mesh was very hard to clean so I ended up just buying a bunch of them, using maybe twice, and tossing. Hope this works for little Thomas!

Kristi said...

I am kind of going throught this stage too. We have been chewing and drooling forever but still no swollen gums or teeth! I have found that those dissolvable teething tablets, they are all natural, give some relief. They just dissove in like 3 seconds after you put them under their tongue. We get them from Walgreens pharmacy. We also use tylenol probably every day now. Brittyn really likes the teething rings out of the fridge. Our pediatrician told us not to freeze them b/c they get too hard that they can hurt their gums biting on them but she does like them out of the fridge, and we also do the mesh teethers with an apple in them.

Nana said...

Good job mama! They seem to love it!!! kiss,kiss babies