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Friday, March 20, 2009

Cereal Update

Thanks to all of you who have sent over advice ....suggestions....and words of encouragement. After much struggle, we finally got Thomas to take a cereal bottle. Yes, cereal bottles are not recommended much these days with the exception of helping with reflux, but since Thomas is not eating any solids and requiring 2 bottles during the night, the ped felt he was not getting the substance and calories needed. I tried cutting the nipples myself but that was a disaster and left Thomas frustrated and upset. I purchased the correct nipples and he took his first cereal bottle last night. However, he did still awaken for 2 additional feedings so I am not sure what that means.....either he is in the habit and likes the snuggle time we share or the cereal just hadn't has enough time to start making a difference. Either way, I am exhausted but so thankful to finally know he is getting some cereal into his belly. You can definitely see a difference between he and Maddy. Not that Maddy is much bigger, she just has a fuller look and her personality is more satisfied and content. I will keep you posted!!! Overall, the angels are just that.....PURE ANGELS! I am so blessed and thankful to be their mommy! I purchased an early Easter gift for the angels yesterday.....SWINGS! Thanks to my new friend Kristi ( loving two miracles) I went straight to Babies R Us yesterday and purchased our new swings. Maddy's is pink and hot pink, Thomas' is Blue and Red. We head to Valley today and I hope to have them installed under our wonderful carport. Shannon doesn't know who is more on the angels. I told him ...mommy wants some outside time too! I will share pics I am check in next week. Have a wonderful weekend. I don't plan to do much I pray the weekend it just


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I'm glad Thomas is getting more food in his little belly. You can tell a difference between Kay and Kin too. How much were the swings?? We need something like that for them to be outside. They did come to the daycare for the first time on Tuesday, (that night Kin was sick) but Kaydence seemed to love it there. They only came cause they were in my class. Nicki is still weird about other people keeping them. Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!!