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The Smith's
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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Emma Time

The angels and I got some quality time with Emma yesterday. We first hit the pet store and then Walmart. Emma was such a BIG help. She pushed the grocery buggy while I pushed the babies...she did so good for her first time...she only got my heels twice. Thank you Emma. It was nice having a whole buggy to fill as I usually only get to use the under part of a buggy when it is just me and the babes......

This is a camera pic of Emma with Maddy (front) and Thomas at Tiger Town....the Tiger is fake so don't wasn't going to eat Maddy.
P.S. We head for Atlanta Motor Speedway today. We have family watching after the angels.....T and M are in for a treat today as I am sure the house will be buzzing with Family!!! I truly appreciate there support but am so anxious about leaving...this will be my first real time away from them. I know my buddy Trina will help as she has been down this road before, but I will be glad to see them tonight! Jr. I come!

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Kim said...

I would say "try not to worry," but that is impossible... it gets easier every time though!