The Smith's

The Smith's
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Monday, March 30, 2009

Riding in the truck...

Maddy with her pink bear....thank you again Georgia!!! They love their bears!

Thomas' famous lips.....don't you want to kiss 'em!
As some of you know...we are on the road each week. We are in Augusta Monday through Friday and in Valley from Friday afternoon until the weeee hours of Monday morning. Shannon is working from Augusta but we go home to tend to the house and to visit family and friends on the weekends. Here are a few phone pics of me passing the time with the angels in the back seat of the truck.....yes, Tucker gets the front seat next to Shannon. He has "the dog's life" for sure!


Heather said...

Kay and Kin have white bears that they can not sleep without!!

Nana said...

Smack!! Smack!!