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The Smith's
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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Blue's Clues angels are smitten with Blue! If any of you out in bloggerland have Blue's Clues videos no longer in use....keep us in mind. Thomas and Maddy just LOVE the combination of real and cartoon and become lost in the episodes. only comes on at 7 am so sometimes we are not done with breakfast and they miss it. I am amazed that my 2 angels could really be so in tune with such a thing at almost 6 months. I know....I am a bad mommy to let them get into TV so much....but it is amazing to see their interest and it is educational! Thanks Nana for our first video!

I will post some pics when we return home.....however the weekend has been a bit slow with the rain and all. Shannon spent the time making a great stew......12 gallons worth! Hope you enjoyed the down time. Hugs and Blessings to all. Shannon and I will be celebrating our anniversary March 31st...Thank you Jackie and Cindy for angel sitting while we went out for a steak!


The Corradetti Clan said...

If you have on Demad check there. My boys love Barney and I refuse to spend 9 per dvd since they will grow out of them. Love the picture.

bekahj said...

i am even more in love with your little family after reading this blog :) they are so precious and i know they are such a joy to raise! i LOVE how you do devotions with them, showing them the love you have for the Lord that they will one day have! i cannot wait to see them the next time yall are in town! who wouldve have thought that i would have met such a blessed family in BWW! :)

P.S. you ARE NOT a bad mommy for letting them watch tv...esp since its a learning show and im sure you have PLENTY to do around the house while they are occupied!