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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Question I've been given the go ahead for putting cereal in with Thomas' last bottle of the day. Any suggestions? I tried it last night and he screamed and I ended up just giving him a regular bottle....wasting formula, cereal, and his patience. Please advise. Is there an easier way to do it. I clipped some off top of the nipple to open the flow....but he just doesn't like it. I don't know if it is the texture or the flow or what. He did eat a little bit of prunes yesterday but still hates the spoon....especially when it has cereal. Again, any suggestions would be great. The ped said he needs the calories and that is why he is back up for 2 bottles at night...otherwise she wouldn't suggest the cereal in the bottle. Maddy on the other hand continues to sleep like a rock. She is whispering to Thomas to hurry and master the spoon as she knows bigger treats are ahead.

Here is a camera pic of Thomas with prunes on the face!


Nana said...

Baby boy, that could be chocolate pudding if only you would swollow the cereal and move on to better things!!!! Nana loves you and is hoping that you soon eat your cereal...kiss,kiss

Tiff said...

Hey there! My sister in-law had the same problem. She bought cereal feeders at babies r us (in the bottle section) and it worked wonders. Good Luck!
The babies are growing SO quickly! I still LOVE reading your blog!!!

Heather said...

That's exactly how the girls looked when they eat. In fact, that's what they still look like when they eat. I do know that they don't like the texture of the cereal, so Nicki puts some in there but not a whole lot.

Kinsley is doing better. Kaydence misses not being around her, Nic don't want her to get sick too.