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The Smith's
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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Catch-Up

Here are my angels on Halloween! Sadly I could not be there to see them in their Halloween overalls....but I know they had fun trotting around the house with Nana and Poppy, Nonnie, Cindy, and Stacey. Thank you Nana for our hand-painted overalls and the tutu!! It tore me up to be sitting in the hospital knowing that their first "real" Halloween was spent without me. At least I got to watch them on the camera as they played....thanks to my techy husband! The angels did not get to trick-or-treat due to the weather but they did enjoy themselves with all the extra attention!!!!


Nana said...

They were both "tutu" cute! We are so glad to have mama and Morgan back at home. Our blessings are many...

Tiff said...

Oh Kelli.... they looked PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!! Great Job Aunt Bernita!!!!!!!!!!! I must say that Maddy looks just like her Mama, no doubt about that! And Thomas favors his Daddy! It's so neat to see how both of you have a baby that looks just like you... GOD is SO good!