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The Smith's
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Monday, November 2, 2009


Hello friends and family. I am currently still typing posts from the Medical Center in Columbus. My sweet doctor has opted to keep me another night...maybe two to be sure we are dealing with false labor. I am doing well...missing my angels something terrible but I do know that they are in good hands with their Nana and Nonnie. I am so thankful to have my mom at the house with them keeping them on their routines and their Nonnie and Aunt Cindy and Aunt Stacey and other friends and family come in and give them the love and support they need during this time. I am sure they hardly notice I am gone but boy do I notice! Being away from them has been sooo very hard. Shannon has been a tremendous support throughout all of this. Bless him, he is seeing after me, still working, and also taking time to play with Thomas and Maddy so they have some of their familiar routines. He is pulling a full load. On top of all that, he has our room at home set up for a full time bed rest mama if and when I do get to go home. I don't know what I'd do without my tower of strength...Shannon! God is sooo good and has given us so much love and support through friends and is truly amazing. For now, I am still on the contraction medicine, IV fluids, pain meds for my back at night and a sleep aid to help combat the side effects of the steroid for Morgan's heart. Morgan on the other hand looks beautiful. Her heartbeat is perfect, she is responding well to stimuli, she is showing great movement and so on....she is the one getting all the praise from the doctors and if only my body would cooperate and stop trying to bring her early. I tell you...this is going to be one active strong and active child. Please continue to pray that she holds on and stays put for another 4 weeks. Ask me what my goal is.....Dec. 1 will make me one happy mama!!! Blessings everyone!
P.S. Thomas and Maddy finally have their 12 month shot appt on is tearing me up that I will not be there...Shannon, along with my mom and Jackie will take over and see them through such a tough appt. Please lift them up on shots are never any fun no matter if mama is there or not! Also lift up Nana and Nonnie as it will tear them up to have to see them get them! Thank goodness Shannon will be there.....I can't say enough about his strength!


Kristi said...

Wow girl, I can't imagine. I am praying for you. That is what I had to go through with my twins pregnancy, but I was only 24 weeks when it all started and I delivered at 29 weeks, way before our goal date. I also didn't have other angels at home that I was missing out on. I know it is hard, but it is just for a while and is to help with a healthy 3rd angel. Hang in there. I have family and friends sending prayers up for you as well.

Elizabeth said...

Thinking about you lots! I know how hard this must be for you! Wish I lived closer! Love ya girl!

Tiff said...

Bless your sweet heart! I talked to your Mama on Saturday morning as soon as I read the email about you being in the hospital. You HAVE and WILL continue to be in my prayers! I can't imigine how hard it is not to be with your angels, but thank GOD they are in WONDERFUL hands! Your other angel needs you now! Little Miss Morgan! I think she is preparing herself not to be bullied by the twins :). I still have gift for her and will get it to you soon, things have been crazy lately. Oh and that husband of yours really is one of a kind!!! BLESS HIM!
Love to ALL of you!!!!