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The Smith's
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day and Update

First of all....let me send out a special message to all our Veteran's and Active Military. What a blessed life of freedom we live due to the sacrifices of our soldiers and their families!!! Thank you soooo much for the gift of FREEDOM for me and my family....I pray my angels always know the Blessings of FREEDOM!!!!

Morgan update: We had two appointments on Tuesday. One appointment was with my OB in which we found that there has been no physical signs of change in terms of Morgan arriving early. I am having contractions on and off...sometimes tense...sometimes not so much...sometimes regular...sometimes not so much...but thankfully they are not making any change toward delivery at this point! Dr. Stewart did say to continue on the plan as we have set now with bed rest and little activity...but in a week or so I can start picking up some activities....YAAA!!!
Shannon and I then went to the 2nd appointment which was an NST...monitoring. The heart rate looked great....Morgan's movements looked great....she is responding well to the contractions and to her movements. We have another NST Friday along with a cardio ultrasound on Morgan. We also have a full growth ultrasound next Thursday in which we hope to know better her weight and position.
Thank you all for your love and support...prayers and comments! Please keep praying!!! We have truly been blessed! I can't say enough about God's faithfulness throughout this whole process.....and the fact that HE has put sooo many wonderful hands of support in our lives!!

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