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Friday, November 20, 2009

On the way....

Well, Morgan wanted me to share with everyone that she will be making her debut on Tuesday, November, 24th.....just two days shy of Thanksgiving and my birthday!!! What a birthday blessing!!!! We were quite surprised (as if anything does anymore) when we found out yesterday that they want to go ahead and induce next week. She has done soooo well growing and playing and staying strong. She has responded well to the steroid and has managed to keep the level 1 heart block in check. However, the doctors don't want to take any further chances by letting her just hang out in utero that they are going to go ahead and induce on Tuesday. I totally trust their judgement...though I hate to put such a hectic rush to every one's holiday week....but an angel isn't born everyday you know and Thanksgiving comes each and every year! Please read below the specific prayers we are lifting for our angel girl and our precious angels, Thomas and Maddy.
1. A safe and healthy delivery that is natural just like c-section or complications!
2. Morgan will have a healthy heart that has NO effects of the lupus antibodies as well as all her other organs being healthy and working as God designed them too!
3. A beautiful time of bonding with Shannon and I before coming home to complete our family of FIVE!
4. That Thomas and Maddy will not feel the change in schedule and care with family and friends in and out....that they will be flexible and patient and go with the flow as we welcome home their new baby sister. Praying that they will welcome Morgan in without hesitation and find the new "baby" a complete joy!!!! (Maddy loves to say "Baby")
5. That we can enjoy the blessing of this week and then move forward to begin our new chapter and life of normalcy in the Smith Home!
6. That Family and Friends know how much we appreciate ALL the LOVE and SUPPORT and that they know we do NOT take for granted the sacrifices and adjustments they have made for us!!!!
7. That the doctor's appointments will finally CEASE and we can just go about the routine check-ups and appointments instead of the back and forth weekly!!!!
We truly feel blessed, and I don't take a minute of this pregnancy has been a lot on everyone but what joy and what love is about to arrive!!! Thank you for your prayers!!!!


Kim said...

Yay! We can't wait to meet her. It is amazing you will have made it to 37 weeks, given your complications. Praise God! It is such a special time of year to welcome her.. we say special prayers for your family each day.

Heather said...

I will continue to pray for you guys. I know all will be fine on Tuesday!! LOVE and HUGS!!

Joy said...

I will be thinking of you all and praying for your and Shannon's family and a safe & healthy delivery for baby Morgan.

Anna said...

we will be praying for those specific things! thank you for sharing them with us! hope everything goes smoothly and as planned! can't wait to see pictures of your newest angel!

Carly said...

That is so exciting! I will be thinking about and praying for all of you Tuesday! LOVE!!