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The Smith's
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Friday, October 10, 2008

First Doctor's Appt.

In the parking lot....
Today we went to our first appointment with Dr. Jester. She is just wonderful. We learned so much! Maddy still lost a little bit of weight so we will go back on Monday to assess her weight again. Turns out she has reflux....just like her mama. The doctor didn't think much of my telling her about Madelynn spitting up until she saw the struggle she was having for herself. She said lots of babies do this at first....however our Maddy is a bit more than most. She wrote us a prescription. I hope it will help her to keep more of her food and also to feel like eating more. On the other hand...Thomas is eating me out of house and home! He keeps me very busy and has even gained weight since we left the hospital. He is now officially 1 ounce more than Maddy.....Maddy weighed more to start. Overall...we were thrilled with the appointment! Thomas has to have a bit more sunlight.....but it is not true jaundice...the doctor just want to prevent jaundice as he is kind of close.
Sorry that it has taken me so long to get the updates out...but with nursing and very little sleep...I have neglected the blog. So sorry....I will try to do better! Hugs!


Wade and Allison said...

What beautiful, sweet babies! Are you beside yourself in love with them? I missed a few days checking in - so thankful everyone seems to be doing well.
Have a great weekend!
Just sit and watch your little miracles....:)

Heather said...

they are so cute!! i hope things are going great at home!! i love the pictures! :) kay and kin love the swing they have too.

Nana said...

Maddy will come around, don't worry. I still think she will be the boss of Thomas and she may pass him in weight again! She's just mellow and easy where Thomas is more vocal and demanding. They look perfect to me!!!!!

The Robertsons said...

good luck with the nursing! it's so amazing!!!