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The Smith's
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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Special Moments

This weekend, I bought two journal notebooks. I hope to write in each journal for Thomas and Madelynn. My goal is to write at least every three days or so if not daily...however, I know our hands will be full for quite some time. Well, today I took the journals, and while Thomas and Maddy were kicking away, I wrote simple letters to them. I wrote about how ready we are to see and hold them. I wrote about things going on around us. I wrote about the economy crisis, gas prices, upcoming elections, our support for McCain, prices on foods, and more. I wrote about where we live, Tucker, and how we hope to buy a house soon. It really makes you look at things differently when you are writing and thinking that this is something they'll look back on years from now. I guess it was just a special moment that I wanted to share. I hope this finds you all doing well. No major changes here...just resting and keeping the feet up. I can't wait to be able to share news with everyone that they are safely here! Blessings! Please keep the prayers coming! Oh....I am also tickled and honored by the number of people that are logging into the blog. It touches my heart to know that you are staying with us during this special time! Please keep the comments and emails coming also! Hugs to you all!!!


RandB said...

Hey there! Yes, journal as much as you can! I've done it for both of the kids and already love looking back and remembering things that I wouldn't have otherwise! Enjoy these last few days before the sweet babies are here!

Heather said...

hey!! i think that is so sweet that you have journals for each other the babies. :) hope you have a great week

Wanda said...

Hi, Kelli and Shannon -- After seeing the "photo" of Maddy, I can't wait to hold those sweet babies. I know Phyllis feels the same way! Love from your family ~
Aunt Wanda