The Smith's

The Smith's
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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Good Saturday Morning


I just wanted to share a few pictures with you. We are going to enjoy a nice day at home watching football and eating some wings. Thomas and Madelynn were only up twice last night (about 4 hours total) and we slept until 7:30am...we are feeling good!!! Hope you enjoy your weekend! The weather is just beautiful!


Nana said...

I see Maddy had her eyes wide open for the'll have to take one of Thomas too. That might be hard as he always wants to eat when his eyes are open. He's really a Jones since he likes to eat a lot!!!!!(don't tell Shannon)
Good job on the blog!

Mimi said...

They look like their growing and look very happy....good job!

Elizabeth said...

I know you are enjoying your cute little babies!!! So happy for you guys!