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The Smith's
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Friday, August 7, 2009

Can't Get Enough

So the pictures are just coming these days and are the posts!!! The angels are just so precious and with each new photo opportunities abound! I hope you enjoy these special moments in our lives....however, I will continue to post does my heart sooo much good!! Blessings!


Kristi said...

I do enjoy these special moments. I am right there with you. Each day brings new things. By the way, I love Maddy's outfit.

Nana said...

Kristi...Maddy's outfit (and Thomas's) is Chez Ami from last season..go to and look at the latest catalog ...Kelli is a consultant now...your twins would be precious in one of their outfits! My husband calls it "shame on me" instead of Chez Ami...I tend to go overboard with the shopping! Your girls are just little dolls...I enjoy your blog too!

Kim said...

I agree with you.. blogging is good for the heart!