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The Smith's
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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Chez Ami

Getting ready to party!

A little Maddy/Mamaw time.....

Heavenly Line
Keystone Line
Aspen/Snowflake Line
As you know....we had the Chez Ami Open House Saturday! What a great turnout from family and friends. There is still time to order if you are interested...just let me know! Email or call and I will be more than happy to help! View the online catalog at for Fall 09 or you can view the remaining spring line and start shopping for next season at great deals. My Rep. # is 578174 for those of you that may wish to order online or through customer service! here are the pictures. The day started with bath can see Maddy all wet-head and Thomas scooting about after his bath....with his comb-over. Then it was fun time with Chez Ami. Maddy had a blast drinking from Mamaw's cup and entertaining us all and Thomas discovered a love of ice! I also am adding a few pics of just a few of the chothes that we had spread around the house for those looking. Again...I am here if you have any questions! Thank you to Nana (my mom) and Mamaw for driving up from Eufaula for the party and for bringing the DELICIOUS tray of goodies! Thank you to Nonnie and Cindy for the extra hands with the angels and all the kiddos. Thank you to all those that came by to look, buy, visit, and just chat! What a great day!!!! One more party to go today and the trunk goes home but I will be selling all season long....there is a great Christmas line if you are interested....BLESSINGS!

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