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The Smith's
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Thursday, August 13, 2009


Yesterday was a wonderful but very tiring day. The angels and I met my mom (Nana) in Columbus bright and early so that I could go to yet another doctor's appt. This time I had to go to the general doctor in order to get a continuance on my referral for my rheumatologist. I thought it best not to take the angels around sick Nana kept them in Target during the appointment. They looked at all kinds of toys, clothes, etc. They really seemed to have fun. When I got back to them they were snacking on the inside of a warm pretzel and loved it! We then had lunch, hit the shoe store (Nana got them new leather Keds for fall) and headed home. It was a busy day ....but lots of fun. In order to make it to the appointment though, we had to all wake up early which took its toll! Naps took place in the car and so once dinner rolled around everyone was exhausted....especially Thomas! Hope you enjoy the pics of him asleep at the "highchair table". I love how babies have a way of doing the things we wish we could do sometimes.......believe me, I have been there! Bless him...he would try so hard to lift his head and eat only to drift back off.....poor angel!!!! What they do for mommy!

P.S. I am an excited mommy tonight! I am headed to a dear friends house for my first kids clothing party (Kelly's Kids)! Maddy and I are going to the party while Shannon and Thomas hang at the house. Nonnie (Shannon's mom) and my mamaw are treating the angels to new outfits!!! I am soooo excited! If you have ever bought from these trunk shows you know just how awesome the clothes are....and they aren't cheap! Just a reminder...the Chez Ami trunk will be here next week!!!! Please let me know if you want to come see all the new additions for fall and/or attend the open house on the 22nd. Check out the side bar of the blog for more info!!!


Nana said...

Precious baby boy!! Night, night...

Renee said...

He does look tuckered out - lol. Too cute. Have fun at the party!

Kristi said...

Sweet, sweet baby. Sleeping babies are precious to look at, even if they aren't quite laying down!