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The Smith's
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Monday, August 17, 2009


The front and rear view of Maddy.....she was crashing Thomas' ride as he was taking a break for a swig of milk.....

Thomas feeling the air and Maddy peaking through....
Baby Morgan 23 Weeks
We had another great appointment ultrasound appointment. We got to see our precious girl Morgan.....She is weighing approx. 1 lb and 5 ounces.....and is still hitting her due date of Dec. 12th. All looked fact she was already practicing her breathing which is a great sign that all is well with her and there is nothing stressing her. There was one slight concern that we are watching but is minimal...she has an enlarged kidney but again, it is minimal. It is actually smaller this time around than last month. I remember Thomas had a distended bowel and all turned out perfect so we are really not concerned....just saying extra prayers it is just that she needed to potty the amniotic fluid out and nothing more. What a blessed day we've had....I love seeing my precious angels! Thomas is still teething and very clingy...which I love the extra loving but it also makes for difficulty getting anything done! Maddy is growing and learning more than ever. She does her hands together for both Patty Cake and Itzy Bitzy Spider. Here are some pics from today and this evening...hope you enjoy!


Joy said...

The babies are sooo cute!
And you all have so much to look forward to, a new baby before Christmas! So fun.

I love that red hutch in the background.
And I am also having to keep slapping my hand away from the Chez Ami!
I just ordered from Kelly's Kids.

When Thomas & Maddie get to moving around more, be careful of the metal floor vents. My niece (brother's daughter) Camryn took the top of her toe off on one, plus ended with a trip to the ER!

Many prayers for the new baby!

Nana said...

I'm loving the pictures this morning! Thomas is all boy, I can tell. The picture of him and Maddy at the front door..he's on her foot, no wonder she had that look!
kiss,kiss,kiss angels

Heather said...

Love the pictures!! Thomas was just a little hot and wanted some fresh hair!!