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The Smith's
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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Today's Appt.

I had a wonderful appointment today. Shannon and the angels joined me as Morgan and I went to see Dr. Stewart. The heartbeat sounded great and all looked well from the ultrasound report that was done a couple weeks back. My leg gets progressively worse....but I am told it will only do so until Morgan is here! Oh worth it! I did go and give blood today....10 full tubes to be exact.....all for the rheumatologist. FUN FUN FUN! I have some cute night-time fun pics coming but will have to upload tomorrow! I am more than ready to hit the hay tonight!!!! I am so very thankful for all my many blessings.....Shannon, Thomas, Maddy, and Morgan to name a few!!!!

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Nana said...

Loving the great news about our new baby, Morgan. I wish mommy wasn't having the leg problem and the pain. Please try to stay off of it as much as you can.(when the twins rest mommy should rest too)! We are all so blessed with such wonderful gifts. kiss,kiss angels